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Sterotape-Z.O. is used throughout the sporting world, for many different purposes. Sportsmen and women use the tape to strap up any injured joints. Sports therapists can apply the tape using different techniques to achieve a desired purpose. The tape can be applied to completely immobilise a joint. Alternatively it can allow certain movements which will protect an injury.

In the sporting world it will be worn to protect an individual from injury. or to allow them to compete carrying a small injury.

You will have seen many athletes strapped up with zinc oxide. On their hands, fingers, wrists and knees, it widely used across the world of sport. It can be seen used in rugby, rock-climbing, athletics, jiu-jitsu, the list is endless.

Sterotape-Z.O is the ideal zinc oxide tape for hand protection during boxing and many other combat sports. The powerful tape protects fighter’s hands, knuckles and wrists when hitting pads, the heavy bag or even an opponent. When applied correctly, the strong and rigid hand wrap tape makes fists solid and allows a fighter to hit harder with no fear of injury.

Fighter’s hand wrappers can tear the tape to size easily, thanks to the tapes serrated edges. The medical adhesive is so strong, there is no way this is coming loose during a fight!