Tuf Wear Water & Air Punch Bag - 100cm

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The Tuf Wear water-air punchbag looks like a normal punching bag, however, the water-air punch bag really stands out.

Perhaps that is not directly visible on the outside, but certainly on the inside & a lot more when you hit it.

This unique punching bag is filled with water & air.

The Tuf Wear water-air punchbag consists of three components; a high quality outer pocket, on the inside a thick, water-filled compartment & an air compartment in the middle. The advantage of the regular exterior is that it is extremely strong which has been produced & tested by us for years. Thats why this water-air punch bag has a very long life.

The advantage of the water compartment is that you only have to fill the punching bag with water at home.

This makes transportation very easy & the punching bag is packed in a practical box, which is easy to transport to & from the store & the home user.

Water ensures an even distribution in the Tuf Wear punch bag, so the punching bag has the same hardness everywhere.

The water also ensures the correct weight so that the punching bag remains very stable during training, The bumping against water also gives a lifelike feeling, because the body also consists of 70% moisture.

What we should certainly not forget is that the impact of a punch or kick on the water-air punchbag is absorbed much more gradually, so the risk of injuries to joints such as the wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee & ankle is much lower. .

By using an air compartment, the user can determine the hardness of the punching bag. By means of the supplied pump & handy valve, you can determine the hardness of the air compartment yourself.

The harder the air compartment is inflated, the harder the punching bag.