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Playerz Boxing XXL Freestanding Punch Bag

Playerz Boxing XXL Freestanding Punch Bag

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Suitable for a variety of combat sports including Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA & Taekwondo this freestanding punch bag is the next big hitter brought to you by Playerz Boxing.

Designed to improve coordination & reflexes whilst burning calories, the Playerz portable punch bag offers 360 degrees accessibility, which provides a great workout but helps to improve the key skills needed for when you hit the ring.

The main central chamber consists of a hi-density foam that instantly feels comfortable punching. The high-quality PU leather cover gives you the ultimate cushioning for those hard strikes.

Standing at 180cm tall the 40cm diameter design of the punch bag makes it great on space & the removable top means you can place the bag in whichever area you desire be that in a home or gym environment.

The base when filled with sand or water gives you a weight of 52kg (approx) ensuring the bag can cope with heavy punishment with minimal movement this also ensures the freestanding bag gets the ultimate stability meaning you can focus on the job at hand.

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