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Mens Home Gym Fitness Bundle

Mens Home Gym Fitness Bundle

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11 Piece Home Gym Resistance Band Set

Adjustable Resistance Bands: Our resistance bands have different resistance levels, Black(10lbs), Green(20lbs), Blue(30 lbs), Red(40lbs), Yellow(50lbs). The resistance bands can be used alone or stacked in any combination of 10lb-150lbs with free adjustment to accompany you to complete the transformation from elementary to advanced.

High-quality Material: All the resistance bands are made of 100% high-quality natural latex to offer you maximum safety & durability while the anti-break ergonomic handle with a non-slip design is set to increase grip & offer more comfort while exercising.

Save Time & Money: A resistance band set can help you save on expensive gym membership costs & you don’t need to buy any extra fitness equipment. Our pull ropes are made in compact sizes which take up little space for you to exercise & enjoy a gym-like fitness at home. Ideal for an expert in the gym, beginner to work out, or for someone rehabilitating after an injury.

Fit For All Training Levels: Resistance bands training is extremely effective at weight loss & strengthens different muscle groups, such as arm muscles, shoulder, back, calf, biceps training, glutes & everything in-between, they're also great for physical therapy exercise that helps to rehabilitate injuries plus being suitable for all beginners or experts alike means everyone will enjoy the workout.

All Accessories In One Package: The 11 in 1 Resistance Band Set includes 5 resistance bands, 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, 2 door anchors & a carry bag. Lightweight & portable, which allows you to perform a variety of resistance training exercises in or outside the gym. You can stack bands for added resistance, get stronger & you don’t have to buy other new accessories.

Resistance Band Set

  • The resistance tubes are made of premium rubber latex, they can withstand strong extension & stay durable for long-term use.
  • Upgraded metal hook & carabiner rings are more sturdy & will not distort or snap even under strong tension. The carabiner rings are easy to detach from resistance bands & are convenient to replace.
  • Add varieties to your workout with the door anchor attachment & ankle straps which will assist you in getting more workout varieties.
  • Lightweight & much cheaper than free weights

5 Piece Home Gym Fitness Set

5In1 Kit: This 5 in 1 home training kit features all the equipment needed for a successful workout, includes an adjustable jump rope, hand strengthener, portable push-up bars & an AB roller plus knee pad, bringing you the gym experience to your home.

Stable AB Roller: This updated AB roller built with a long handles & covered with a sturdy non-slip foam makes it more stable to use, ensuring a more precise workout where you can target those much needed areas.

Protected Knees: The inclined portable push-up bars can be separated or mounted in seconds & will not slide easily due to the easy grip handles & non slip feet, The knee pad provided can protect your knees from injury when rolling forward & backward during exercise.

Better Grip Strength: Hand training is excellent for strengthening the hands/arms & the hand gripper provided with this kit ensures a safe & effective way to increase grip strength.

Ideal For All Levels: The whole kit is easy to carry & can be stored with minimal fuss, it can be used in a home, gym or office environment & is suitable for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced.

5 Piece Resistance Bands Set

Achieve Your Goals Anywhere: Loop resistance bands are used by men & women of all fitness levels. A resistance band increases the effectiveness of your exercises enormously, perfecting exercises like jump squats & lunges which will be more intense. Increase strength, power & flexibility whilst getting lean & fit very fast. Our loop resistance bands are easy to carry & you can train everywhere at any time you want. There is nothing that can keep you back from reaching your fitness goals.

Five Premium Quality Resistance Bands: This set contains 5 loop resistance bands of 30 by 5 cm. For each exercise, you can choose 1 of our 5 colour coded bands for different stretch levels: Extra light, light, medium, heavy & extra heavy. The resistance bands are made of premium eco-friendly latex which is durable, elastic & has a great feel. They are built to last!

Great For Full Body Workouts: Together with the resistance band set you will receive a free book. In this book will be described which routines you can practice & how you can train each muscle group. With this kit you are able to have a full-body workout & train your legs, glutes, waist, chest, butt, back, shoulders, arms & more. Tone your body, lose weight, get results, stay fit & achieve the fitness goal that you are aiming for!

Used For Physiotherapy: Loop Resistance Bands are often used as an alternative or supplement to Yoga, Pilates, Stretching Exercises, Crossfit, Fitness, Insanity, Zumba or other training programs. It is also used a lot for physical therapy, recovery or to increase mobility. For example, it is used for ankle, leg & knee injuries, postnatal recovery or rehabilitation, all giving you a better quality of life when done right.

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