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KO Wrap (5cm x 10m) Boxing Gauze (12 rolls per box)

KO Wrap (5cm x 10m) Boxing Gauze (12 rolls per box)

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KO Wrap is a high quality cotton gauze bandage used to protect a fighters hands. When used in conjunction with KO Tape, they create the ultimate choice for professional injury prevention. This keeps you ahead of your competition and injury free.

The 100% cotton gauze has been designed to stretch across the width for a comfortable fit to the wrist and hand. The white open weave bandage has been created to offer no lengthways flexibility, this rigidity helps to immobilise the small joints and bones in a fighters hands, protecting them from impact during a fight.

Protection is a must, whether you’re an amateur, a professional, or even if you’re training for a white collar charity fight! The boxing gauze was created to meet the demands of both amateur and professional fighters whilst in competition or sparring.

Save your money whilst keeping your hands in great condition, as these wraps are completely reusable. They can used again and again, simply wash them after training with the rest of your kit. All you need to do is ensure you use new tape over the top when training or on fight night. This makes it the most cost effective hand protection you can find.

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