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Jordan Fitness Slam Balls (3KG,5KG,7KG & 9KG)

Jordan Fitness Slam Balls (3KG,5KG,7KG & 9KG)

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Featuring an ultra-durable new design, these newly released Jordan Slam Balls stand out not only for their vibrant red looks but their incredible performance.

Now featuring an even stronger outer layer, with increased thickness, the balls retain their shape for longer.

This makes them perfect for frequent high energy slamming. Slam against walls and floors – these weighty balls will not bounce back.

Ideal for a wide range of indoor or outdoor training, such as boot camps, circuits, functional training and high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions, the slam balls are fantastic for working multiple muscle groups in a range of new ways.

Work the core, upper and lower body – the possibilities are far limitless. In addition to improving strength and stamina, they also help to boost coordination, joint integrity, flexibility and range of motion.

Perfect for both full commercial and home environments.

Not suitable for medicine ball rebounder use.

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