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Boxers train hard for months for that one night. The one chance to prove themselves! Nobody wants their chance taken away from them. The worst thing to happen, is their chance is taken away from them, like a fight cut short due to injury. Every fighter depends on their corner to keep them in the fight until the final bell.

Our Corner Kit has everything you need to prepare your fighter for the fight. To deal with anything that may happen during the fight. The kit itself comes in a Steroplast Sports Bag to make it simple to carry to the gym or to take to the venue on fight night.

As used by IBO World Ranked No2 Lucy Wildheart

The Boxing Corner Kit Content by KO Tape Contains:

Blue Nitrile Gloves – Medium x 2
Blue Nitrile Gloves – Large x 2
5cm x 4m Conforming bandage  x 2
Cotton tipped applicators x 20
Nasal plugs x 50
7″ Paramedic shears x 1
Pen torch with pupil gauge (reusable) x 1
Petroleum jelly 250g x 1
Self seal disposable bags x 6
Sterofreeze instant ice packs x 2
10cm x 10cm Low adherent pads x 4
KO Wraps x 6
10cm x 10cm Steroswab x 30
2.5cm x 10m Zinc Oxide Boxing Tape x 2
Trigger spray bottle x 1
White towel x 1

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