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Boxing Bar Adjustable Freestanding Bob XL

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The bob XL is the best sparring partner money can buy! A great partner for sparring techniques or target training.

Sparring BOB is a full-size lifelike mannequin that doesn't hit back!!

Due to sand being heavier than water we recommend you fill the base of your partner with sand to avoid any movement of the unit when in use although water is a good substitute.


  • BOB XL has a longer torso than the original BOB, which creates a more striking surface for body shot training & kicks.
  • Suitable for professional gyms & home use. 
  • Comes with 12-month manufacturer's guarantee.
  • Flesh-like torso creates realistic training, can be used with or without bag gloves.
  • 6 height adjustments from 150cm to 200cm.
  • The base can be filled with sand or water
  • Weighs 150kg when using sand in the base or 95kg when using water