Men’s Boxing Gloves

A different size of boxing gloves is recommended so that male boxers can achieve the best results from their boxing training. Most boxers own at least four pairs of gloves, each intended for a different activity altogether.

  • 10oz or 12oz boxing gloves for pad work and speedball or swivel ball training
  • 14oz boxing gloves for sparring sessions
  • 16oz boxing gloves punch bag workouts
  • 18oz or 20oz boxing gloves for heavy bag workouts for larger or more powerful men

Female Boxing Gloves

When it comes to selecting the most suitable boxing gloves for ladies you should pick from the following depending on the intended use:

  • 10oz boxing gloves for pad work and for speed ball training
  • 12oz boxing gloves for light bag work
  • 14oz boxing gloves for heavy bag work and for sparring