The original and #1 bestselling Aqua Training Bags Gyms around the world are giving up traditional punch bag workouts after they first use the Aqua Training Bag. Whether it’s because they offer less joint pain on impact, more positive resistance the ability to hit a bag longer, or the quick and easy set up. There’s one thing that’s certain: it’s taking the boxing, martial arts and fitness communities by storm!

Aqua Training bags come in a variety of sizes and weights, so you’re guaranteed to find an Aqua Bag to suit you. The Headhunter range is available in two sizes and acts like a slip ball making it perfect for honing your timing and slipping skills. The Bruiser Bag is unique with its human form shape which allows you to perform both head and body strikes. As well as a variety of size and weights the Aqua bags also come in variety of colour choices.

Training with an aqua punching bag as opposed to a heavy bag will help save your knuckles and protect the ligaments in your hand, as they’re able to absorb much more of the initial impact. This will allow you to train harder over long periods, regularly, without having to fight through the pain and discomfort of damage to your hands. Aqua Training bags are made from a marine grade vinyl as opposed to canvas, making them pretty much indestructible, perfect for a busy gym as well as a home gym.

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